Our process is what separates us from many of the local shops. 


Most of the items we get are “dirty”. This could be road dirt from wheels, mud on off-road parts, even new items can have preservatives like anti-rust on steel. All of these contaminants can ruin the finish. Proper pretreatment is vital to insure a perfect coating- both visually and performance wise. We use a number of different methods to pretreat items before coating. 

degreasing and  cleaning

The first step is chemical degreasing/cleaning. PMSD has a few different ways to go. Usually the part gets dipped in industrial stripper. This will remove any grease, paint or previous coating.


sand blasting and steam 

Most shops only have sand blasting to deep clean and provide a texture for the powder to stick to. PMSD has a top of the line sand blast cabinet, but unlike a lot of the other shops, has Powder-X’s exclusive steam cleaning setup! 

steam setup

best powder available

PMSD uses only the best powder on the market. Once a color and texture is selected, if we don’t have the color in stock, we will overnight the powder and get it done!

prismatic powders

Only the best leaves our shop

Only after you are satisfied, we will wrap your part in protective fabric and look forward to the next time you need something coated.

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