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We only use high quality powders from Prismatic Powder to ensure a durable, outstanding finish. We can color match your project and also have a huge selection of colors and finishes available. Any project big or small, of any shape or size, is given the same attention to detail, professional service and a finish that is designed to last

Our high-quality spray equipment, spray booths and ovens ensure a perfect powder coat. Our professional team pay attention to detail on every application to ensure perfect results.

No matter what your preferences are, with a huge selection and stock of colors and finishes, we can deliver the perfect final product to your specifications.

We Use State of the Art Equipment

Powder Masters has a state-of-the-art 6x6x8 oven and 8x8x12 spray booth. This will allow us to coat just about anything other than a full-size car.

Powder Masters uses a Wagner Pro powder coating gun with Aura control. We also have a large sandblasting booth and are the ONLY local shop that uses chemical stripping instead of just blasting your parts with high pressure, metal destroying sand!

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